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SmartWatt's Orange Coast College Project Wins Prop 39 Excellence Award

Posted by Danielle Marquis

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September 21, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Today the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges announced their Energy and Sustainability awards, which represent the best of California's Proposition 39 energy projects. SmartWatt Energy's interior lighting project at Orange Coast College was the highest scoring Proposition 39 retrofit project this year. 


The Board of Governors Energy and Sustainability awards were established in 2012 and are given out annually to honor exemplary energy and sustainability efforts by districts. The Proposition 39 Excellence Awards winners are chosen based upon a points system for comparing cost savings, energy savings, and jobs created by Proposition 39 energy projects


Orange Coast College achieved significant energy savings by working with SmartWatt to retrofit a vast majority of the campus’ 32W T8 lamps with 25W T8 lamps and new ballasts. The verified energy savings for this project are approximately 628,000 kWh and 135 peak kW, reducing the campus energy bill by over $80,000 per year. This project cost approximately $887,000 to implement; however, $150,000 in Southern California Edison energy incentives and over $722,000 in Proposition 39 funding significantly reduced the district’s direct costs to approximately $14,000. In addition, this project generated 0.6 construction related job-years and 0.6 apprentice and trainee job-years in the community.


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