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Lighting Design Assistance Trial - PG&E (CA)

Posted by Danielle Marquis

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November 6, 2015 at 9:22 AM

For a limited time, PG&E is offering lighting design assistance from a Qualified Lighting Design Professional to a limited number of eligible customers in California, at little to no cost. Additional incentives will also be available for implementing a lighting upgrade according to an approved ultra-efficient design. Customers will benefit from increased lighting quality, performance and energy efficiency through an improved lighting design customized to their unique space.


PG&E is evaluating the potential for increasing lighting quality, performance and deeper energy savings through the use of a Qualified Lighting Design Professional. SmartWatt Energy's lighting engineers were selected as "Participating Lighting Design Professionals" because they are Lighting Certified (LC), California-licensed electrical or mechanical Professional Engineers (PE), Professional or Associate Members of IALD and have demonstrated experience with energy efficient lighting design, so we are able to offer these special incentives to our customers.


  • Eligible PG&E Commercial Customers: Government and School Facilities up to 100,000 square feet
  • Duration: Projects must be completed before March 2016


Are you eligible? Find out!

Topics: Proposition 39, Utility Rebate Updates, LED Lighting, Advanced Lighting Control, State Government


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