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Getting to Know Kyle Burke, a SmartWatt Corporate Accountant

Posted by Maura Furey

September 23, 2015 at 7:30 AM

Kyle Burke is a Corporate Accountant II/MIT in our Albany, New York Office. In this role, his main responsibilities are to manage our Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Division project accounting and corporate credit card accounting. He typically spends his days creating estimates, reconciling bank statements, reviewing month end financials, ordering project materials and invoicing customers. He is unofficially responsible for making everyone in the office laugh and leading the charge to the dance floor at holiday parties.


He is originally from Troy, New York, which is approximately 20 minutes southeast of our Corporate Office, and still resides there. Kyle likes to stay active, playing in softball, volleyball and hockey leagues, and enjoys spending time with family and friends. He does not like to miss out on a weekend opportunity to join the local band on stage—despite the fact he doesn’t really know how to play guitar. 



Kyle’s first job was working for Price Chopper grocery store as a Front End Associate responsible for bagging groceries and collecting carts in the parking lot. He was young and it paid the candy and video game bills, but he knew he wanted more and went to SUNY Plattsburgh to study accounting and business management. After graduation, like many his age, Kyle had a hard time finding his first job during the Great Recession. In between many interviews, he helped his Grandmother, who he considers his best friend, with her money management and odd jobs. Giving her his two week’s notice to start at SmartWatt was bittersweet, but so far Kyle reports no awkward family gatherings.


He is an early riser who heads to the gym before going to work each day. Even though Kyle gets his day started hitting the weights and getting his blood flowing, he still likes to start his day in the office with a cup of coffee. Once that caffeine kicks in, Kyle is ready to tackle the day. Although he jokes accounting isn’t exactly “riveting,” he did relate in our interview that each day in the office is different and brings a new challenge or project. For Kyle, that’s the best part of his job, stating “I’m not on a hamster wheel. I like my position because I believe I actually make a difference  for the company. I also like it because I interact with people in different offices daily. I’m very social and this suits my personality well.”


If Kyle doesn’t have some sort of game after work, he usually cooks dinner for himself, and sometimes for a friend that doesn’t know how to cook. He likes to think of that as his good deed for the week. Once dinner is over, Kyle said he “goes horizontal on the couch and is typically asleep before final Jeopardy.”


His favorite thing about SmartWatt is our small company feel, and our staff’s commitment to helping one another. During our interview Kyle said “everyone is always offering a helping hand with a task that may not be a part of their job.” He enjoys working with the accounting team, and has gained a lot of accounting and finance insight from VP of Finance, Terry Davis. Kyle enjoys collaborating with Terry on Excel spreadsheets and admires his knowledge of the program. He jokes that he does not like to let Terry down when it comes to using formulas in Excel.




Terry commented, “Kyle is a great team player and is always willing to offer help or take on projects for the accounting team.  He has worked very hard recently with a large national account to get a corporate program in place that will save our company a significant amount of money on travel expenses, and hopefully make business travel more pleasant and efficient for our employees.  Kyle has a great attitude and truly embodies what the SmartWatt culture is all about.”


Our Corporate Controller, Gabriella Haldeman added “Kyle’s attitude and sense of humor have a positive effect on those who interact with him and always make the day a little more amusing.  He is always willing to go above and beyond – he’s even volunteered to give me lessons on how I can be funny like him.  We are quite confident that with some work and dedication, I will be hilarious by the end of the year (although Kyle reminds me I will never be as funny as he is).  He is also actively working on his humbleness.  In all seriousness, I am very fortunate to have Kyle as a part of our team!”


For anyone interested in applying to be part of our quickly growing SmartWatt Team, Kyle recommends “applicants be ready to join a fast paced working environment.” 


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