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How Can I Tell if I Have T-12 Lighting?

Posted by Kelsey Raftery

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February 24, 2015 at 10:00 PM

Wondering if you have T-12 lighting in your school, store, warehouse, hospital, office or manufacturing plant? T-12 fluorescent lamps can commonly be identified by:


  • their half-dollar sized diameter
  • flickering and humming while turned 'on'



Due to T-12 lamps' extreme inefficiency when compared to newer lighting technologies, like T-8 and T-5 fluorescent and LED, they have been phased out of production and will soon no longer be available for purchase. What's more, many utilities that currently offer lucrative incentives for T-12 lighting upgrades have plans to eliminate them. Businesses must act now if they wish to secure these funds and upgrade before the supply of T-12 lamps runs out.


Ugrading from a T-12 to a T-8, T-5 or LED lighting system can typically provide a one to four year payback period with a large amount of energy savings. Plus, more efficient lighting technologies last longer and provide better lighting quality.


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