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Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebates - CPS Energy (TX)

Posted by Kayla Bellair

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October 23, 2015 at 6:00 AM

CPS Energy Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebates (TX): Through this program, rebates are available for several defined energy efficiency improvements but may also be available for customized measures that reduce electricity demand. Rebates vary by the specific improvement measure employed. Generally, rebates are limited to 50% of the total cost. Customers should ensure the availability of rebate funds before purchasing or installing items. All commercial customers are also eligible for a low-cost energy audit on qualifying facilities. This process will identify areas of improvement for energy savings in participating facilities and recommend measures.

·       Eligibility: Commercial, industrial, local government, nonprofit, state government and federal government

·       Eligible Technologies: Lighting, lighting controls/sensors, chillers, heat pumps, air conditioners, motors and other custom measures pending approval


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