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City of Palo Alto Utilities Photovoltaic Partners (CA)

Posted by Kayla Bellair

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September 28, 2015 at 6:00 AM

City of Palo Alto Utilities PV Partners: The PV Partners Program offers incentives to customers who install qualifying PV systems. The program, which has a budget of approximately $13 million over 10 years, is divided into 10 steps (residential incentives have 12 steps), each funded at $1.3 million. Each step is allocated across four customer rate classesresidential, small/medium commercial, large commercial and non-profit/public sectorwith a specified PV capacity allocated to it. Rebate levels will drop $0.20 per watt as the incentive level moves to the next step.

Funding for the program is renewed each year on July 1, with additional funding brought forward from future program years as needed.

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