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Ask the Expert: Building Occupancy O&Ms and FIMs

Posted by Danielle Marquis

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October 8, 2015 at 6:20 AM

Question: How can I improve the efficiency of energy using systems when my facility is unoccupied?




Answer: An energy audit will typically identify energy inefficiencies in one or both of the following areas:


  • Off-hour activities extend operating hours for energy using systems
  • Building has extended occupancy areas such as computer rooms


The suggested operations and maintenance ("O&M") improvements and facility improvement measures ("FIM") will vary based on your facility's unique mix of inefficiencies, but what follows are some general guidelines.


Suggested Building Occupancy O&Ms:


  • Reschedule off-hour activities to accomodate partial shutdowns of building systems other than ventilation systems.
  • Reschedule custodial and cleaning activities during working hours whenever possible.
  • Re-examine original assumptions regarding occupancy patterns and building usage. Modify patterns for increased energy efficiency.
  • Isolate extended occupancy areas (including related support services such as restrooms and break areas) from the portion of the building having fewer operating hours.


Suggested Building Occupancy FIMs:



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